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Over 30 years Greg has developed a system for delivering great pictures in any scenario. The system is quick, simple and can be learned by anyone.

What is it, and who is it for?

An easy system for shooting great pictures with your phone or camera. It’s for anyone who is interested in quickly and dramatically improving their photography.

Where does it happen?

It’s an online course that consists of training videos, homework and practical examples.

How does it work?

Watch the lessons and do the homework. Follow the process and you will very quickly see dramatic improvements in your pictures.

Do I need a camera?

This course is not about professional or specialist equipment. The system Greg shares on this course can be applied to any smartphone or camera.


1. Welcome

Greg Williams’ photographic career has taken him from war zones, to the North Pole, to becoming one of the most trusted insiders in Hollywood.

2. Working with subjects

Greg talks in detail about how to get the best out of your subject, drawing on tactics and skills he’s learned throughout his extensive career.

3. Light

Greg teaches you how to ‘read’ the light in any location, and teaches you the fundamentals of lighting in a way that can be easily, and practically applied.

4. Exposure

Greg explains the importance of having control over your exposure. He covers the fundamentals and looks at the situations where you should override auto‑exposure.

5. Environment

Greg discusses finding a photograph in any environment, and the advantages of working quickly.

6. Composition

Greg covers the fundamentals of composition and when to break the rules. He talks the rule of thirds, perspective and vanishing points and how to draw the eye to your focal point.

7. Focus

Greg deals with both technical and creative focusing. He talks about how to tell stories using focus when taking the picture and when editing.

8. Editing

Greg discusses the importance of authenticity, believability and imperfection when editing and explains how his candid photographic style guides his edit process.

9. Storytelling

The moment where everything that you’ve learned comes together and you can tell your stories in individual frames. Greg breaks down some of his favourite photos from the archive, and looks at the craft of storytelling in each case.


The way that best suits you

Learn anywhere, any time. With access to Candid Photography Skills on your mobile, desktop or tablet, Greg can guide you on your photographic journey, wherever and whenever.

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Greg Williams

Candid Photography Skills
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