Greg Williams

Professional Photography Skills


Become a successful professional photographer.

50% of being a professional photographer is being professional.

A lot of aspiring professional photographers are purely focused on the art of photography, often neglecting the commercial side of their business. Learning how to make art and commerce work hand in hand is the key to transforming your passion into a successful career.

Greg is going to shine a light on the business of photography, so that you can start to establish yourself as a professional photographer, maximise your potential and take your photography career to the next level. He’ll explain how to understand your worth, how to structure your fees (from the pre-light & shoot, to usage & buyouts) and the principles of how to charge.

Understand the industry from every level. Including how to use social media to grow your business, how to find clients and nurture those relationships, how to develop your artistic voice and extensive practical modules with an emphasis on lighting – both ambient and studio.

Consider this the advice that Greg wishes he had been given throughout his career. He will take the guesswork out of professional photography and share the wealth of experience he’s gained over 30 years - including the mistakes he’s made and the lessons learned along the way.


Below are some of the questions Greg will cover during the course:

  • How do I find clients and build long-lasting relationships?
  • How do I engage with my subjects?
  • How do I charge for different jobs?
  • How do I develop my unique visual voice?
  • How do I differentiate myself in the marketplace?
  • How do I handle the pressure of a professional shoot and team?
  • How do I work with natural and artificial light?
  • … and many more
“Greg Williams is the pre-eminent candid photographer of celebrities in Hollywood”

GQ Magazine, 2021

Learn it now with

Greg Williams

Professional Photography Skills


This programme is for you if:

  • You want to kickstart/invest in your career.
  • You feel like you’re shooting great pictures but aren’t getting enough clients.
  • You’re ready to learn about the business side of being a professional photographer.
  • You want to continue taking exceptional photos for great clients, get paid accordingly.
  • You have a desire to learn, grow and always be a student of your passion.
  • You are a team player who can work well with others on or off set, but also understand that professionally you have a role to play.

This programme is not for you if:

  • You are a pure artist, who doesn’t work or wish to work with clients.
  • You do not enjoy working with others.
  • You just want to take better pictures of your friends and family. - Try
  • You do not want to put yourself out there via an online presence or physical meetings.

Everything included in the class

Theoretical background

Module 1


50% Professional. 50% Photographer

Greg introduces you to SkillsPro, his detailed and in-depth course for professional photographers. He will talk you through the business of actually being a photographer; how to engage with clients and subjects, how to get a job, how to pull a portfolio together and how to differentiate yourself. He’ll also explain in detail his own techniques and lighting preferences in order to help you enhance your own skills. In essence, what he’ll be sharing with you, is the advice he wished he’d received when he was just starting out in his career.

Module 2

The Art

Learn to listen to your inner voice.

Greg discusses the art of photography and the importance of harnessing your inner voice in order to take authentic, believable pictures. He gives his insight on how to manifest your unique perspective into the look and feel of your pictures.

Module 3


Give them what they want, so that you can give them what you want.

A professional photographer has to balance technology, art and commerce. Greg breaks down the key aspects of commerce, and how to make art and commerce work with each other as allies, and striking the right balance between the two. He covers how to build your following, sell yourself, the mistakes and compromises you’ll make, the pros and cons of agents, and much more in this comprehensive look at the commercial side of photography.

Module 4

Understanding Worth

When someone asks “What’s your day rate?” I ask, “What’s the job?”

Greg explains how to establish your fee based on the client and the job they’re asking you to do. He also underlines the importance of fighting for and retaining your copyright, and breaks down buyouts/usage, travel & prep days and editorial commissions.

Module 5


So much of the creativity I bring to a picture comes from consistently returning to the fundamentals of photography

Greg details why he loves to work with the 35mm format and highlights the importance of really mastering the fundamentals; light, exposure, depth of field, shutter speed and focal length, in order to fulfil your creative potential.


Practical 1

What’s in the Bag?

Greg talks you through his carry on case, and all the kit it contains.

Practical 2

Portrait Shoot

Join Greg on his shoot with Jack Farthing which takes you from studio to location and demonstrates portrait lighting, composition, vanishing points, reflections and wind

Practical 3

Shooting in Ambient Light

Greg shows you how he works with ambient light with Eiza Gonzalez in Venice.

Practical 4


Greg explains how to work with what you’ve got; a hotel room, available light and 5 minutes with your subject, in this shoot with Gemma Chan.

Practical 5

Event Photography

Behind the scenes at the BAFTAs - Greg talks you through lighting, go-to scenarios and interacting with talent.

Practical 6


After a last minute location change, Greg follows the light and captures Edgar Ramirez in a hotel hallway.


Lighting 1
The Studio Shoot

Learn the fundamentals of light in a studio environment.

Lighting 2
Breaking Down Lighting

Greg talks you through the different lighting scenarios and when to use them.

Lighting 3
Starting the Shoot

Greg demonstrates how versatile one lighting set-up can be.

Lighting 4

Learn how to use backlight and reflected fill to create a soft light to flatter your subject.

Lighting 5
¾ Front Light

The light that works every time. Widely used on magazine covers and one of Greg’s go-tos.

Lighting 6
Front Light

Variations on this classic “beauty light”.

Lighting 7

Learn how to use sidelight to create duality and intrigue.

Lighting 8
SPECIAL: Moving Portrait

Greg talks about how using hot lights as opposed to strobe allows you to transition between stills and motion. Also see how uses smoke and wind effects.

Lighting 9

Greg explains how he edits with his heart, and choose the pictures that make you feel something.

Greg’s Biography (coming soon)

Biography 1


Biography 2


Biography 3


Biography 4


Biography 5


Biography 6


BLACK FRIDAY introductory price

Everything Shown + BONUSES for Only:

Greg Williams

Professional Photography Skills
£1699 £699
  • 5 Theoretical Modules
  • 6 Practical Lessons
  • 9 Lighting Chapters
  • Greg’s Biography
  • Workbooks
  • All Updates Included
  • Certificate of Completion

No hassle 60-Day money back guarantee

We are so confident that you will shoot better pictures after this programme that we are giving you 60 days to decide whether you believe you have improved or not. If you feel that the lessons, homework and access to the experts in the community have not improved your skills, just email us within the 60 days for a full refund.

“I like to think that this class will really help you on your path to becoming a successful professional photographer.”

Everything you will get when you join the class.

20 x Easy to follow Training films

Greg has created 20 easy to follow theoretical and practical training films to get you started on your journey as a professional photographer.

Online Community to share ideas

Join the official Skills Pro group on Facebook and connect with a community of like-minded photographers for tips and advice.

Workbooks to keep you on track

Greg has created a bespoke workbook to accompany the programme, with module summaries and assignments so you can practically apply what you’ve learnt.

12 x Top Tips + 30min Photobreakdowns

In addition to the theoretical and practical modules, you’ll have exclusive access to twelve top tips and thirty minutes of photo breakdowns.

Certificate of Completion

You will receive an official certificate of completion once you have successfully completed the programme.

Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that Skills Pro will enhance your career, that if you’re not fully satisfied after completing the programme and its assignments, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

You will also receive access to this bonus material.

Bonus 1
12 x Top Tip Films

Twelve of Greg’s most important top tips for shooting in a studio or on location.

Bonus 2

A bespoke workbook accompanies the programme, and includes module summaries as well as assignments to help you practically apply what you’ve learnt.

Bonus 3
30 min Photo Breakdowns

Exclusive access to thirty photo breakdowns of some of Greg’s favourite pictures.

Meet your Instructor

Greg Williams

Greg Williams is one of the most trusted and acclaimed photographers in entertainment—his name and candid portraiture synonymous with authentic glamour.

Greg established his reportage style as a photojournalist in the ‘90s—covering war zones in Burma, Chechnya and Sierra Leone. An assignment for the Sunday Times Magazine gave Greg his first access to the film industry and he has now shot ‘specials’ on over 200 movies, including four poster campaigns for the Bond franchise. Greg has also enjoyed exclusive access to BAFTA, the Golden Globes and the Oscars and is a regular contributor to Vanity Fair and British Vogue.

In addition to his prodigious photographic output, Greg is also a filmmaker, principally with his first person, ‘moving reportage’ documentaries, and a product designer—Greg’s limited edition Leica Q2, in partnership with Daniel Craig, is Leica’s fastest selling large scale edition. His education platform Skills Faster, is home to his highly successful Candid Photography class, with the intention of ‘democratising good photography’.

After 30 years in the business Greg’s talent and brand relationships are second to none. He publishes exclusives to over 900,000 followers on Instagram and on where he also sells his products and prints. Greg Williams Photography operates from Greg’s studio/gallery space in Mayfair, London.


1. Do I need to be a professional?

No, but your goal should be to become a professional photographer. While this course talks about how to shoot better pictures, a big part of the course is about the business side as well.

2. What’s exactly is included in the skills pro program?

The entire curriculum is outlined here. This explains exactly what’s in each lesson is about.

3. What makes this class better than others out there?

Honestly, there is not really a comparison out there. Most photography mainly focus on how to shoot better pictures. Nobody shares how the industry behind works. This is what differs this class from all the other classes

4. Will there examples to illustrate the points?

All videos are supplemented with pictures from Greg’s career that highlight the lesson he is sharing. For complex topics we’ve designed video illustrations.

5. What if I’m not technical with cameras?

This course is not about technical details. While Greg explains the inner workings of a camera, a lot of detailed information about lens sizes can be found elsewhere. He is teaching general skills to be used in most circumstances and environments.

6. Is this valid for the whole world?

YES! It totally is. While the budgets differ over the world it’s the same kind of business that evolved everywhere. You still need to build relationships and promote yourself.

7. How does the money-back guarantee work?

It’s easy, just write us an email to showing that you did the homework on each chapter. And we’ll give you a full refund, if you feel like it was not worth it.

8. Do you have subtitles?

We provide subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, and Italian at the moment. If you are looking for others, please contact us at

9. Is it just an online course, or does it offer additional support and encouragement?

We know how important it is to be accountable. That’s why we additionally give you access to a CLOSED private Facebook group. Where you can connect with peers to share ideas, hold each other accountable and ask for advice. Greg is regularly tuning in as well and helping out.

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